It’s more than skin deep

All dogs have allergens in their skin, saliva, and pee. No matter how long or short their hair, or what type of breed they are, no dog is truly “hypoallergenic.”





Skin dander can set you off

It’s a common allergen that Continue reading

EC Showing Champs Festival 2019 – PE, Eastern Cape

EC Showing Champs Festival 2019 – PE, Eastern Cape

Despite drizzly, cold weather the EC Showing Champs continued in a truly committed fashion by all participants.  With hot drinks and yummy eats on offer, those who attended managed to brave the cold weather with eagerness.

Green Gold Moringa was on duty with our A-grade Moringa products on show. Continue reading

Moringa – An angel in plant form

Moringa Oleifera is such a versatile plant and such a miracle in itself as it can heal, revive, grow and maintain your struggling system all in one. What’s your favourite recipe, tip or product?  We would love to hear from you…