It’s more than skin deep

All dogs have allergens in their skin, saliva, and pee. No matter how long or short their hair, or what type of breed they are, no dog is truly “hypoallergenic.”





Skin dander can set you off

It’s a common allergen that Continue reading

EC Open Junior Working Riding Horse Champion

EC Open Junior Working Riding Horse Champion

Well done to Raine Barclay representing Callaho Stud on Callaho Franzi for winning the Open Junior Working Riding Horse category.  We hope Callaho Franzi enjoys the Green Gold Moringa treat!

Moringa for your animals

Many of the animal feeds we use today are over-processed and lack the essential nutrients that your animals need. The leaves and stem of the Moringa Oleifera tree are packed with an incredible range of nutrients and being 100% natural, moringa for animals makes an excellent food supplement for your Continue reading