Researched uses for Moringa

moringa-tea-the-weight-loss-teaAll parts of the Moringa tree are edible and have long been consumed by humans. According to Fuglie (1999) the many uses for Moringa include: alley cropping (biomass production), animal forage (leaves and treated seed-cake), biogas (from leaves), domestic cleaning agent (crushed leaves), blue dye (wood), fencing (living trees), fertilizer (seed-cake), foliar nutrient (juice expressed from the leaves), green manure (from leaves), gum (from tree trunks), honey and sugar cane juice-clarifier (powdered seeds), honey (flower nectar), medicine (all plants parts), ornamental plantings, biopesticide (soil incorporation of leaves to prevent seedling damping off), pulp (wood), rope (bark), tannin for tanning hides (bark and gum), water purification (powdered seeds) (Adebayo et al., 2011).  In the West the best known uses for Moringa is Leaf Tea and Powdered Leaves for addition to meals and drinks.

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