Recipe – Fabulously healthy frozen lollies

Recipe – Fabulously healthy frozen lollies

This colourful favourite is sure to get the kids excited! Select your preferred lolly mould and get creating.

Blend 3 medium sized kiwi’s to a pulp. (if you want some extra punch, add a 1/2 teaspoon GGM Moringa powder to this mix)

Blend 3 handfuls of berries of your choice to a pulp.

Fill your mould 1/3 kiwi (or preferred fruit of choice), next add a large spoon of plain double cream yoghurt so that a distrinct portion is visible and top with the berry pulp so that layers can be seen.

Place in the freezer for minimum 4hrs to set properly.  Then your lollies are ready for devouring by young and old alike. Mix and match different colour fruits and if you have larger moulds, have fun with making rainbow fruit lollies. Enjoy!

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