Green Gold Moringa Skincare

Used around the world for everything from healing skin and strengthening hair to fighting stomach issues and even creating clean drinking water, the Moringa plant has a long list of beauty and health benefits that are just waiting to be tapped into (its oil is very similiar to coconut oil!).

Learn about Moringa’s amazing benefits, and find ideas to incorporate it into your diet and beauty routine—from teas and soups to skincare and hair products.

When it comes to using Moringa skin deep, the most commonly used aspect is its oil. Also known as ben oil, it’s extracted from the seeds of the plant, and has been used to treat hair and skin as far back as ancient Roman, Greek and Egyptian times—from a natural hydrator to hair oil and perfume—as well as today. Because it has about two times more protein (the main building block of hair) than yogurt and four times that of eggs, it is a rich source of fatty acids (great for nourishing skin), along with several B vitamins, iron, vitamin C and A, and a long list of trace minerals (such as calcium and zinc), moringa provides deep nutrition for hair and skin, too.

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