Green Gold: Discovering the Potent Benefits of Moringa as a Superfood

Out of so many medicinal trees, there is a tree, native of India whose fruits, flowers, seeds and even leaves! carry high nutritional value, do you know its name? But, today we are going to talk about its magnificent leaf only. That tree’s name is commonly known as the ‘Drumstick Tree’ whose leaves have been named as the ‘Moringa leaves’ ; proved to be beneficial for everyone, right from pregnant women to cancer patients.

Find out how you can use them to heal yourself, how you can extract its loaded nutritional value in totality and how beneficial it is in pregnancy and for breastfeeding women. What to know, if you consume it every day how you can turn yourself into a super human being with this super food.

Moringa Leaves in Leaves of Pregnant Women & New Mothers

§ By now, you must have known that moringa leaves are no less than an elixir of life. It does not only fight against harmful diseases but it can also help in increasing your chances of, becoming a mother.

§ It can improve your fertility rate by making your reproductive system healthy than before.

§ And, when you get the ‘good news’ i.e you are expecting a baby you can even continue eating their leaves.

§ Since they contain maximum nutrients; your pregnant body would need them in quantities greater than before both for your child and for you, especially Calcium, Iron and Folic Acid etc.

§ They would help you in doubling your breast milk production both before and after your pregnancy since the breast milk is a newborn’ first food you should definitely increase its value by taking in moringa leaves during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

§ Not only you but also your child would feel healthy from inside.

§ WORD OF CAUTION: You can consume their leaves but don’t make the mistake of consuming their flowers, seeds, barks and other parts of the tree when pregnant, as they can land you in abortion.

How Can I Eat Moringa Leaves?

§ We know that you must be curious about how you can intake the moringa leaves. Well, they come in various forms you can use fresh leaves, their dried leaves or even their powdered form.

§ For using fresh leaves: You can garnish your dishes with moringa leaves, just like you use corianders or parsleys. But make sure you don’t overcook it as it then turns bitter; hence it will be a good idea to use it when your dish is all cooked. When you sauté it you should cook it until it’s light green in color and withers a bit.

§ For using dried leaves: You can follow the same method above, nowadays there various recipes on the internet where dried moringa can be used as toppings on a pizza just like thyme and oregano, it can also be used for making teas and other great dishes. Don’t try to cook it at high temperatures as it can kill some nutrients.

§ For using their powdered form: You should try to sniff it; it should be used in moderate quantity. You will find that many nutrients tablets and other medicines contain powder of moringa. If you are planning to make your own moringa powder, don’t forget to use a sieve to get a fine powder, after grinding.

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Green Gold Moringa

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